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Who We Are

Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center is a comprehensive preschool program providing a full range of services to children and families. We have several center-based special education programs throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. Just Kids is also a UPK provider for many districts across Long Island. Just Kids places a strong emphasis on developing partnerships with families and values parent involvement in all aspects of our program.

Preschool Education
Preschool Education

Our preschool education programs are designed to meet the needs of very young children. The programs are individualized for each child helping to create a sense of safety and security through routines and consistency in the day.

Psychological Services
Psychological Services

The Psychology Department of Just Kids is committed to providing comprehensive psychological services to children and their families in order to optimize social, cognitive, educational and familial growth.


Just Kids Early Childhood learning Center offers a full-range of therapeutic services to young children birth to five years of age and a community medical facility offering family medicine and pediatric primary health care.


Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center is licensed and approved by

New York State Department of Education and Health

Nassau & Suffolk County DOH Divisions of Services for Children with Special Needs

Office of People with Developmental Disabilities

New York State Office of Children and Family Services

Services for all eligible children are provided at no out-of-pocket costs to families. Funding for these programs is through NYSED, NYDOH, and Suffolk and Nassau DOH.


“I would also like to add that Just Kids is an amazing school. I have had nothing but impressive experiences with staff. My children have learned an abundant amount of things that are aiding them to be successful in further learning. The social skills that are taught are beyond comparison from any other school that I have heard about. Rarely do you get letters commending the teachers and the administration but I feel all of you are what makes Just Kids the outstanding school it is.”


–Family Member of Student

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