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All of the therapeutic classrooms at Just Kids-Middle Island follow the Creative Curriculum which is aligned with the NYS Pre-kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core. Special education teachers modify the curricular activities to meet the needs of the individual students in the classes in accordance with their IEPs. Teachers and therapists collect data regarding progress toward IEP goals and use this information to inform their instruction. This school provides Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for all students and all classes have class wide behavior management systems to encourage positive behaviors. Individual Positive Behavior Supports Plans are used to assist students who require more support with encouraging positive behaviors, and IEP-driven Behavior Intervention Plans are used as deemed appropriate by the CPSE.

All of the classes have access to licensed psychologists and social workers who are able to provide additional support to students, teachers and families.

6:1:3 class
This class provides a high level of adult support. Students follow a structured daily schedule, with opportunities for 1-1 instruction during the day. Students who attend this class tend to have significant global developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders or display other highly intensive needs.

12:1:2 special class
This model uses classroom wide modifications and specialized teaching strategies to allow children to access the curriculum. Students in this class may need assistance following class routines, maintaining attention to tasks and completing activities independently. The needs of the students in these classes can vary, and include students who exhibit challenging behaviors, students with developmental delays, and students with medical needs.

18:2:1 integrated class & 12:1:2 integrated class
These classes target age appropriate learning expectations similar to a typical pre-k or nursery school program. Students in these classes are expected to have some level of independence and the ability to follow class routines. They have mild cognitive, language and/or behavioral concerns. Recently, students with medical needs have been placed in these classes with success. Half of the students in integrated classes are preschoolers with disabilities with the remainder of the class consisting of typically developing children.

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