Universal Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center works in partnership with local public schools to sponsor Universal Prekindergarten programs. Programs are offered on site at Longwood and William Floyd School districts and at Just Kids sites at Middle Island. The Universal Prekindergarten program provides eligible four year olds with the opportunity to participate in a high quality early learning experience. The program is aligned with New York State common core learning standards that ensures continuity with instruction in the early elementary grades and is integrated with the local school district’s instructional program in kindergarten through grade twelve. The program provides early literacy and emergent reading instruction based on effective, evidence-based early childhood practices. The program includes the five critical elements of early reading with an emphasis on phonological awareness, expressive and receptive language, and vocabulary development. The daily activities are learner-centered and are designed to promote healthy child growth and development. Children are encouraged to be independent through balanced learning activities both individually and small group.

Teachers are New York State Early Childhood Teachers and are trained in the development of age appropriate learning strategies and learning progressions that support each child’s learning style. Teachers work closely with children to address differentiated learning and adjust instructional strategies that support a strong foundation for engagement in learning. Children are assessed on a daily basis and monitored carefully to continually adjust the learning environment to their individual needs in language, cognition, social, emotional, and physical needs.

Just Kids teachers work closely with parents to ensure active engagement of parents in the early education of their children.

For more information please refer to: New York State Pre-Kindergarten Learning Standards

Creative Curriculum

Just Kids utilizes the Creative Curriculum, which fully aligns with the current New York State Pre-Kindergarten learning standards. The Creative Curriculum is a research based, developmentally appropriate approach for educating young children. The curriculum activities developed in the classroom build and expand upon children’s life experiences. The following developmental areas are continually addressed through classroom activities:

Social-Emotional Development – A positive sense of self is fostered by various child-directed activities. In addition, demonstrating cooperative social behavior and respect for others is addressed throughout the day.

Physical Development – Refining and developing fine motor skills is accomplished through art and tabletop activities as well as snack time. Development of gross motor skills is addressed during outdoor play, obstacle courses and movement to music activities.

Cognitive Development – Includes learning problem solving skills, expanding logical thinking skills, acquiring concepts and information regarding the world and learning how to apply them.

Language Development – Children engage in activities which strengthen their listening and speaking skills. Early literacy skills are emphasized as children gain new background knowledge, expand their vocabulary, and improve both receptive and expressive language skills.

Research confirms that young children learn best through purposeful play. When children play, they learn about themselves, other people and the world around them. They learn to solve problems, explore social roles, control their feelings and develop language. With the support of and facilitation from the teaching staff, children develop skills in the domains mentioned above.

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